Designer Jewelry for Woman and Men

Redefinition of the Mass

An extraordinary material

Beautiful. Rare. Lightweight.
Exotic. Organic. Hypoallergenic.



'Tissu' means cloth in French. Titanium fabric gives an extra ordinary feeling - it is warm, playful and delightfully light.

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‘Caeli’ means space or air in Latin – a major ingredient of every foam. Caught in a moment, in a joyful, transient structure.

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Inspired by creamy, sweet delicacy, this collection might seem fragile at a glance – you cannot be more wrong.

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Men's collection

Titanium Jewelry

Unique appearance and touch. Superior finish, warm feel & organic design. For you to feel special in the infinite crowds.

Lightweight. Four times lighter than gold, two times lighter than silver.
Titanium is simply flawless to wear.

Hypoallergenic. Maximum comfort for the ones you care the most.

Single-piece body. 3d printed structure, hand-finished by masters in their craft from all around the Europe - Italy, Germany, Poland and Hungary.